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Your Advantage Tennis Academy program has a category, level and age band to suit your children's needs. No matter what your child's age, standard or ability, as we cater for beginners, intermediates or more advanced players, from 4-18 years of age.


Our comprehensive LTA YOUTH junior programme caters for the 4-12 years old and is designed and structured to ensure they enjoy the game, have lots of fun, but crucially improve their skills & ability by developing an effective technique providing a competitive environment if they wish to compete.


Whilst our Teen tennis group coaching schedule provides a fun, social and dynamic programme which includes an extensive annual schedule of events, tournaments and a wide range of social activities to cater for all our young players.

Private Kids Tennis Lessons

Private kids tennis lessons are a great way for your child to learn, develop and hone their skills and focus on the key areas and aspects of their game that they wish to improve, either on a one-to-one basis, with other family members, or maybe bring a friend or three with you to join in the fun.

Personal tuition is also a great way to nurture, build, and develop the core extensive range of technical skills required to play tennis effectively, whilst also honing your child's tactical awareness and overall consistency.


The detailed approach and personally tailored delivery mean that your child will learn and improve quickly, efficiently, and effectively at their own speed by receiving the coach's full attention.

Weekly 1hr lessons are the norm ideally, in that this provides an opportunity for players to practice in between the lessons.


Go ahead a book your child in for a lesson today!

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LTA Youth

Children aged between 4 and 12-years-old can get stuck into the world of tennis with this exciting programme from the LTA. Featuring shorter courts, nets, rackets and soft, low-bouncing balls, LTA YOUTH Tennis provides the perfect introduction to tennis for young children.

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Holiday Tennis Camps

Our regular school holiday camps operate across all the major school holidays and half-term breaks and provide a fantastic opportunity to get outside, have lots of fun and play and enhance your tennis skills.  We cater for players of all ages, standards, and abilities from ages 8-18yrs. We provide both mornings, afternoon sessions, and the opportunity to stay for the whole day for those dedicated enthusiasts.

These courses provide a great opportunity for those players that would like to give tennis a good go and learn and play the game over a compressed period.  We obviously also cater for those more experienced players that would like to grow and develop their game with some expert coaching and guidance, and/or maybe practice hone their match play with relevant guidance & tactical tips. 

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