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Our Racket Technician

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Pete Butcher has been stringing tennis and squash rackets since 1990 having strung over 30,000 rackets!


He is UKRSA & ERSA qualified as well as being a licenced accredited level 4 senior tennis coach.

As a professional tennis coach with over 30 years of experience, there is no one better to give you advice on your tennis or squash racket stringing needs.

Top three things to consider when having your tennis racket strung

Arm Injuries

You should make your stringer aware of any arm injuries you may have such as tennis elbow.


The tension of your strings determines the power and control your racket will deliver.

String Type

Different string types have differing benefits for example some are better for top spin.

Arm Injury Considerations

It is extremely important that you make your racket technician aware of any arm injuries you have, such as tennis elbow.

This will ensure that you are given the correct advice on what string type and tension you should have when stringing your tennis racket.

Thr wrong string or tension could aggravate your injury whereas the right string and tension could help with your recovery.

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What Tension Should I Have?

String tension is how tight or loose the strings are pulled in the frame of your tennis racket. It is just as important as what string you use in your tennis racket.


A higher tension gives greater control while a lower tension will generate more power.


To be sure you get the best string tension for your game we will recommend the ideal tension depending on the string type you choose along with other information you provide us.


What String Type Is Best For Me?

There is a wide range of string types and brands available and we offer all of the major types and brands.

The best string type that would be recommended for you depends on a variety of factors and what you want from your racket e.g. power, control or topspin.

To be sure you get the best string for your game we will recommend the ideal string depending on the information you provide us.

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Latest Stringing Testimonials

I just wanted to take the time out to highlight the exemplary string services Pete Butcher, one of the coaches at my club David Lloyd Northwood, provides.


Pete is an extremely personable, knowledgeable, expert and attentive stringer of racquets and I’ve used him over the last 5 years for all my tennis racquets.


Ever prompt and always willing to help string racquets at short notice (and accommodate superb coaching lessons to all who love the tennis game) Pete is my go to man. A top fella in every way and I can’t recommend him highly enough.


Thanks again Pete and here’s to many more years of the best string service around!


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