RPT Mark Of A Pro Course

RPT - Mark Of A Pro Course

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Mark Of A Pro Course At A Glance

On Court Learning


The programme will show a range of footwork drills and patterns to help establish the a sound fundamental understanding of the physical base required to building the foundations for a strong technical development.


It is essential that all players develop a sound technique from an early age. We will look at the technical requirements and how to teach sound technique for 20 different strokes from the basic groundstrokes and volleys to drop shots and topspin lobs.


Here we will help coaches understand how and when to develop the tactical abilities of their players. It will help coaches develop matchplay simulation programmes and help train their players to compete.


The mental element of the coaching methods is the final pillar which helps the player achieve their Ideal Performance State. The course will cover a set of rituals, routines and set programmes for controlling and effectively managing their mental state.

Online Learning

The online learning section of the course will focus on the following subjects:

  • Tetafime - the Spanish Teaching Methodology

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Coach

  • Creating your coaching philosophy

  • Identifying your coaching skill set

  • Developing your coaching style

  • Spanish Drills

  • Teaching Progressions


On the successful completion of the course and the certification test, you will be awarded one of the following grades.

National Professional

Instructor 1

Instructor 2

All these qualifications enable you to coach independently and offer individual lessons.

LTA Accreditation

Once you have completed the course and gained your RPT qualification you may use this qualification as part of the requirements to apply to the LTA for Coach Accreditation.


Once you have passed your RPT certification test you may apply for RPT membership and include public liability insurance which will cover you to deliver group and individual lessons independently.